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About Qinghai Nationalities University

1. Brief introduction of Qinghai Nationalities University

Founded in 1949, Qinghai Nationalities University is situated in Qinghai province, which is the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and located along the Huang River of Xining city. It retains strong ethnic characteristics and splendid cultures of various nationalities are woven together. Qinghai Nationalities University is a comprehensive nationalities university which specializes in liberal arts,and it educates undergraduate, master and doctoral students of different nationalities. In particular, the subjects of Tibetan studies, ethnology, Tibetan medicine and law are in a unique position in Qinghai province, which also created great influence in China. Covering an area of 0.68 square kilometers, it has about 12,000 students, who come from 30 provinces and autonomous regions and consists of 36 ethnic groups including Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Salar, Mongolian, etc.

Qinghai Nationalities University is the main university to train international students in Qinghai province and able to receive China Government Scholarship students. With its advantages on Chinese and Ethnic Chinese majors, the university develops foreign language and Tibetan language education extensively as well as Bachelor Degree education and Master education on relevant majors, and instructs foreign students on research in ethnology and anthropology. Up to now, the university has trained more than 2000 long-term and short-term overseas students from over 30 countries including America, Italy, Brazil, Korean, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Sudan and Hong Kong, Taiwan of China. Qinghai Nationalities University has established relationships and is undertaking education cooperation with 25 overseas universities, such as Dresden Industrial University of Germany, Nanzan University of Japan, the Malaya University of Malaysia, Fort Hays State University of USA, Dong-Eui University of Korea, the African International University of Sudan, Chin-yi University of Technology, Fo Guang University, Vanung University of China Taiwan.

2. Advantages of studying in Qinghai Nationalities University

2.1 Xining is a immigrant city since ancient times. The main language for communication is Mandarin Chinese, which makes the city an ideal place for overseas students to learn Chinese.

2.2 Qinghai borders with several minority areas such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Tibetan. Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu and Mongolian nationality lives together in Xining city and different minority cultures blend with each other. With a variety of living habits and religious beliefs, it is the first choice for overseas students to learn minority language in western China and experience different cultures.

2.3 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has irregular geological sights, rich primary ecotourism resources and diversified religion culture, which is the paradise for people to explore and travel.

2.4 Qinghai is in the central zone of ancient Silk Road, and it strives to integrate into the construction process of “One Belt One Road” actively. Besides China Government Scholarship and Provincial Government Scholarship, the university provides a specialized scholarship to encourage overseas students to study here.

2.5 The university has strong ethnic characteristics and students from different ethnic groups including Han, Tibetan, Hui, Salar, and Mongolian nationality get along with each other very well and study together. It creates a good environment for overseas students to study in our university.

2.6 Characteristic majors including Tibetan language and literature, Mongolian language and literature, traditional arts (thanka painting)., Institute of Nationality Studies, Tibetan Medicine Institute and so on provide an ideal research environment of national cultures for overseas students.

2.7 Xining boasts convenient transportation and different kinds of food, while the living cost is low. There are many residential communities around the university, and renting a house is cheap. The university has overseas students’ apartment with good accommodation conditions.

2.8 The location of the university is in the east area of Xining city which is also the main inhabited area for Muslims. There are many mosques and Muslim restaurants, and thus it is suitable for students from Islamic countries to study here.

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